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Guild WarsInformation


    Guild leaders can declare other guilds to war, as long as thier guild has more than three members, and their guild has less than five active wars.

    Once the war declaration has been accepted the war will start immediately. The war will last until the chosen frag amount has been reached or the chosen amount of days has passed since the war had began.

    Declared wars will stay as such for 7 days since declaring, if no action has been taken within 7 days, the war declaration will be deleted.

    Check the special commands available for guilds/wars.

Managing guild wars

    Guild leaders can manage guild wars at their own guild page.
    Guild leaders can cancel invitation of war as long as the war has not started.
    After the war has started, both guilds have the possiblity to surrender, and doing so will instantly end the war.

Do I get unjustified kills in guild war?

    During the war, the killing of a war opponent will always be a justified kill. However, attacking a war opponent will always result in a protection zone block.

During an active war
  • Special death loss reduction
  • It is not possible to any member leave the guild.
  • It is not possible to kick any member.
  • It is not possible to disband guild!
  • Ability to use war arenas, more below.
How long does guild war last?

    The war will last until other guild reaches the chosen amount of frags or the war duration exceeds.
    The frag amount can be from minium 10 frags all the way up to 1000 frags.
    The war can last from 3 to 30 days.

"half damage" warmode type

    If the one who's inviting a guild to war, decides to enable the "half damage", the following will happen:

    All involved players will deal 50% less of the normal damage with area runes and spells on their war opponents.

    All involved players will deal the normal damage with area spells and runes on monsters and players that are not involved in the war.

Guild war arenas

    Guild leaders can choose an 'arena' where they can have a private war with their war enemies for chosen amount of time with a guild members amount limit.
    After the chosen time has passed or the frag amount has been reached, all participants will be kicked out of the arena.
    To use the arena, you must use the golden sudden death rune inside your depot. Only guilds who are actively in a war, are able to use the arena.

    • Thais City
    • Carlin - Ab' open Arena
    • Edron city
    • Darashia city
    • Liberty Bay
    • Yalahar - Inner city

    You can start a war at the private arena at Ares, at the temple of war. You can access there from any depot by clicking the golden framed sudden death rune inside your locker.
    You can find the NPC Athena inside the arenas. You can buy blessings, potions and runes with her.