Privacy Policy

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Taleon respects the privacy rights of all users and is aware of the importance of protecting stored personal data. Organizational and technical measures have been taken to ensure the security of all personal data that is collected. This Privacy Policy explains in detail what information is collected and for what purposes it can be processed and used.

Taleon may change this Privacy Policy at any time. All users are required to review this Privacy Policy at regular intervals to keep themselves informed of any changes.

Taleon collects, processes and uses personal data for the conclusion and execution of a user's service contract (Terms and conditions) with Taleon. Personal data includes inventory data, such as email, password and IP address.

Taleon collects usage data that is automatically determined and transmitted by web browsers or any other client software whenever Taleon websites ( or any of the other Taleon websites) or one of Taleon's other online services are used. This usage data includes, but is not limited to, the user's IP address, browser version and access time.

Many websites, including Taleon's, use cookies to collect, process and use usage data to allow, for example, account management and personal settings, participation in the discussion forum and the use of other personalized services.
Cookies are small data files that we can transfer to the user's computer hard drive through the browser. These cookies allow our systems to recognize the browser and inform us how and when the pages of our website are visited, and how many people visit them. Cookies also allow us to recognize the user as an individual when visiting the Taleon website in order to personalize your experience with the website and provide access to the information and functions of your individual account.
If you do not want your personal use information on the website or the personal information you provide to us to be stored, most browsers offer an option to disable the cookie feature, which will prevent the browser from accepting new cookies, as well as (depending on sophistication of your browser) to allow you to decide whether to accept each new cookie in a variety of ways. If you do not accept Taleon cookies, you will not be able to log into your account, but you will be able to browse the site as normal.
In some cases, our business partners may use cookies on our website. For example, an advertiser like Google can place a cookie on your computer to identify the country in which you reside and thus display ads in the correct language. Taleon has neither access nor control over these types of cookies.

Taleon collects, processes and uses stock and usage data, as necessary in individual cases, if necessary to reveal and prevent fraudulent behavior or any other form of use of Taleon's services that violates legal regulations or the contract for service (Terms and conditions). In particular, Taleon reserves the right to record, process and use information such as the timing and content of conversations and expressions of opinion that occur on its online services if there are complaints, reports or other reliable indications of behavior that violate legal regulations or the service contract, for example, the serious insult of other users. This regulation extends to all parts of the Taleon online service, including, but not limited to, guild channels, private channels, chat channels and private messages.

Taleon collects, processes and uses personal data in connection with complaints and requests to its user support, in order to respond to requests in the most efficient and satisfactory manner possible. The data collected for such purposes includes, but is not limited to, the e-mail address, the date of the contact and its content. In addition, Taleon processes and uses this data to compile anonymous statistical surveys to optimize customer service.

Taleon collects, processes and uses personal data for the purpose of carrying out marketing actions, such as sending emails that contain general information or promotional content, this is accepted in the account creation process. Each user can opt out of receiving this type of information at any time. This can be done by sending an email to [email protected] or in the marketing email itself by clicking cancel in the footer, in addition, Taleon processes and uses personal data to compile anonymous statistical surveys in order to improve its range of services.

Taleon displays character names to all visitors on all Taleon sites, as well as to all users on its online services in connection with a user's certain game activities, in order to allow other users to selectively contact this user. This occurs, for example, when the user uses characters online, when they act as part of character associations or, possibly, when they are registered in record lists. In addition, Taleon generally makes character usage data, for example, the time of its most recent use or information about its death, available to all visitors on all Taleon sites, as well as to all users on the services Taleon's online. Taleon makes information, such as the record of rule violations or the list of defeated characters, available to some other users, who have a supervisory role among the user community.

To the extent that the transfer of data to third parties is not explicitly permitted by law, Taleon transmits personal data, as necessary, to law enforcement and supervisory authorities in order to prevent hazards to national or public security. , as well as for prosecuting criminal offenses.
Pass on the email address and other data as necessary in individual cases, other personal data of users to partner companies, for example, for the purpose of handling payment transactions or to provide other services within the scope of the user service in accordance with Taleon.
Third parties may be located in countries outside of Brazil, but they are required to protect personal data in the same way as Taleon.
Taleon will not, in addition to the cases mentioned above, pass on personal data to third parties, and only Taleon employees will have access to personal data to perform the tasks specified above.

At our discretion, we may include or offer third party products or services on our website. These third party sites have separate and independent Privacy Policies. So we have no responsibility for the content and activities of these sites. However, we seek to protect the integrity of our website and appreciate any information about those websites.

Taleon has the right to keep data stored for 5 (five) years (count made from the last game login) in order to defend itself against any contestation or dispute created by the online payment methods used by Taleon.
If the user wants to make a request about deleting their data on Taleon, send an email to [email protected]. If the user revokes your declaration of consent for the processing of his personal data, your Taleon account will be permanently banned and Taleon's services will no longer be available through that account.

Users who have questions about this Privacy Policy or the processing of their personal data can also contact the Taleon data protection director at [email protected].