Guild Information


Rank: Name: Level:
O Lider Aero Bolaa120 Royal Paladin
Um membro Aerosmith13 Paladin
Alexis Texas135 Elder Druid
Archer Bruno51 Paladin
Ayzenkiller27 Knight
Babacosauro97 Elite Knight
Bezito55 Sorcerer
Billys8 Paladin
Blindado Real121 Elite Knight
Bobys66 Elite Knight
Bora Bolaum89 Elite Knight
Colt65 Elite Knight
Crazynuds138 Master Sorcerer
Debz The Braveheart105 Paladin
Dolly152 Master Sorcerer
Dompester117 Elite Knight
Doth Mago177 Elder Druid
Dourados Sergao78 Knight
Drinkwatter113 Paladin
Druid Da Sio34 Druid
Edmund Burke117 Royal Paladin
Elite Crazy46 Master Sorcerer
Erick Assassin68 Sorcerer
Fabricante213 Master Sorcerer
First Bruno23 Knight
Gabizinhaah129 Master Sorcerer
Giromba Man93 Elite Knight
Godiles Knight129 Royal Paladin
Gokublack33 Paladin
Greene111 Elder Druid
Imperial Holy159 Royal Paladin
Jiizuke198 Royal Paladin
Kallikantzaros8 Sorcerer
Kamizuke82 Elder Druid
Kashen35 Knight
Kina Zika112 Elite Knight
Kinadomal112 Elite Knight
Leonidas71 Elite Knight
Linconl106 Elder Druid
Lord Darius191 Royal Paladin
Lordchalizes56 Knight
Mage Mongo151 Master Sorcerer
Magnata De Sucesso184 Royal Paladin
Master Gilloo41 Paladin
Master Lyzza83 Elder Druid
Mencare149 Elder Druid
More Less92 Royal Paladin
Murasame176 Master Sorcerer
Natan Hedwig127 Royal Paladin
Principe De Asgaard90 Elite Knight
Pyke188 Elite Knight
Raidstaazer65 Sorcerer
Rexpeita Noiz136 Elite Knight
Ricardo203 Royal Paladin
Royal Jhon207 Royal Paladin
Russel Kirk127 Elder Druid
Sir Canas155 Royal Paladin
Skyluks70 Sorcerer
Slamed Return162 Elite Knight
Sorc138 Master Sorcerer
Sr Sio36 Druid
Steve Rogers135 Master Sorcerer
Storm79 Master Sorcerer
The Paladin89 Royal Paladin
Therullexz147 Royal Paladin
Tio Porquinho156 Royal Paladin
Uchiha46 Elite Knight
Vinicius Costa265 Master Sorcerer
Vinny Fechabox114 Royal Paladin
Vinsmoke Yonji63 Druid
Void Skull123 Master Sorcerer
Voodoo53 Sorcerer
Yakuza King70 Elite Knight
Yferninho168 Elder Druid

Members Online 0 out of 74
Highest Level Vinicius Costa (265)
Average Level 107
Lowest Level Billys (8)
Total Level 7941

This guild is currently not involved in a guild war.