Frequently Asked Questions

What is missing on the server?
Look at our roadmap in proposals tab to see what we do not have at the moment.

Do you have the translated faq?
Yes, we translated into portuguese.
How to security my account?
Follow the tips here.
About houses
Look about houses here.
What are Crown Tokens?
Crown Tokens are a special currency on Taleon that can be used to buy special outfits, mounts and permanently boosts.
The majority of this things you can only obtain with Crown Tokens and aren't obtainable elsewhere.
How do i obtain Crown Tokens?
  • Unlocking achievements (1 achievement point = 10 crown tokens)
  • Getting Achievement Rank upgrade
  • Complete quests with a bonus reward
  • Starting at level 20 you will gain 5 crown tokens at each new level
  • By participating in events
Achievement Ranks
By gaining achievements you will gain achievement points and crown tokens.
Each achievement will give you 1 to 10 achievement points depending on the difficulty of that achievement (1 achievement point = 10 crown tokens).

  • Novice: Needs 50 points (Rewards: 250 Crown Tokens, Green Light and Gold Medal with your name on it)
  • Explorer: Needs 150 points (Rewards: 750 Crown Tokens, Zaoan Chessbox and Badge Of Glory with your name on it)
  • Challenger: Needs 300 points (Rewards: 1500 Crown Tokens, Rose Shield and Hero's Medal with your name on it)
  • Pioneer: Needs 700+ points (Rewards: 3000 Crown Tokens, Shield Of Destiny and Arcane Insignia with your name on it)
Where i can use my Crown Tokens?
You can exchange you Crown Tokens in Adventurer's Guild with NPC Veradin.
Say HI, and TRADE to Npc Veradin, then click in STORE to open Crown Tokens Store.

You can click in each rank to see what you can buy with Crown Tokens.
You can buy special outfits, mounts and unique permanently boosts (Loot boost, Stamina bonus boost and Mount speed boost).

Is it possible to play on Mac and Linux?
We do not have client for Mac and Linux, but there are ways to run our client on the mentioned operating systems.

Linux (PT-BR)


Mac (PT-BR)
How the imbuing system works?
The system and its usage is very simple.

To obtain permission to use both imbuements level 1 and level 2 you need, first of all, give 5 Heavy Old Tomes to the NPC Albinius, located at Halls of Hope - North of Thais.

When you obtain the Tomes, just go to the NPC and say hi - temple - yes. After that, you will be able to use the imbuing machine, which is located on most of the Temples around the Tibia World.

To obtain access to the level 3 imbuements, you will need to complete a quest, whose name is Forgotten Knowledge Quest. However, remember that to access each part (portal) of the quest you will have to meet some requirements, such as specific items that you need to give to the NPC or a specific pre-quest.

It's recommend that you follow a spoiler from Tibia Wiki (BR), since this way you will be able to see what the requirements are, status of each monster/portal, and much more. The link for the spoiler is: Forgotten Knowledge Quest

Also, if you want to know what are the requirements for each type of imbuement, you can check here: Imbuements

For now the featherweight imbuement is not available, since we don't have Feyrist. But please, keep in mind that as soon as we implement this area we will make this imbuement available.
What is Battlefield Arena?
Battlefield Arena is an event with Red versus Blue team.
Two teams fighting against eachother and trying to get as many frags as possible by killing members in the enemy team within the time limit.

  • Days: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Hours: 19:00 and 21:00 (BRT)
  • Duration: 25 minutes
  • Minimum Level: 60
  • Maximum Team Size: 50 (total 100 players)
  • Minimum Team Size: 5 (total 10 players)
  • Winners Reward: 16 Crown Tokens and trophies
  • If you die in an event you will not lose any xp, skills or items
  • If you die 5 times, you will can't enter in arena field for 5 minutes
  • If you leave the event in progress, you will be blocked from joining the event for 6 minutes
  • Every member in the winning team will get a reward
  • You can join any active event by going to the adventurer's guild and jumping into the teleporter at the most north eastern corner
Bonus system
Inside the arena have some monsters. When these monsters die, the system look for which team did more damage and gives the bonus to the team, if the system see a tie, the bonus will give to all players.

  • The Ancient Dragon: When killed, give a skill bonus depending on vocation. Paladins gain 30 of distance, knights gain 30 of sword, axe and club and sorceres gain 15 of magic level).
  • The Blue Ancient Golem: When killed, give a mana regeneration bonus.
  • The Red Ancient Golem when killed, give a life regeneration bonus.
  • Duration of bonuses: 3 minutes.

Q. My client is freezing and not responding.
A. Try to open the TaleonLauncher.exe or the taleon.exe as administrator.
If you have avast, norton or any antivirus, put the taleon's directory in the exceptions.
Some bank programs can block the taleon client, please uninstall the bank program called WARSAW from your computer. Go to your windows configuration, search for remove and install programs, open and find WARSAW program and click in remove.
Who has windows 10 and windows defender do the following: Start > Settings > Update & security > Windows Defender > Open Windows Defender Security Center > Virus and Threat Protection > Virus and Threat Protection Settings > Controlled Folder Access > Set to off.

Q. My client is trying to update.
A. Close your client, go to the main installation folder and delete force patch.exe, then open your client again.

Q. How can i improve my FPS?
A. Go to options, graphics, choose OpenGL and leave it as shown in the image below and click OK
Now go to options, effects and uncheck Show Light Effects
You must need to close the client and open again to configurations take effect
When client open again, will ask to accept the new graphics configurations, click YES.

Q. How to import my old minimaps?
A. Go to the main installation folder and copy /minimaps/ folder from your old client to new client.

Q. How to import my old configurations and hotkeys?
A. Go to the main installation folder and copy /conf/ folder from your old client to new client.

Q. My autoloot is not working correctly
A. Switch Loot option to "Shift+Right"

Q. I have blurry letters
A. Try to switch your graphics engine from "Auto-Select" to "DirectX Performance"

Q. Game window looks pixelated
A. Enable "Anti-Aliasing" in graphics options.

Q. Client is not working / I have OpenGL error
1) Close the client
2) Open the file /conf/clientoptions.json using a text editor
3) Find (Ctrl + F) the parameter renderer, which is followed by a number (ex: "renderer": 0)
4) Change this number to a value between 0 and 5, where:
0 = AutoSelect
1 = OpenGL
3 = Software
4 = DirectX (Compatibility)
5 = DirectX (Performance)
5) Save the file and try to open the client again

Q. Client is not accepting my video card
Close your client, go to the main installation folder, enter in the /conf folder, delete the gpublacklist.json file, then open your client again.

Do you have customized bosses?
Some bosses in the Taleon are customized, so be careful when facing them thinking they will be easy as in the global.

  • Orshabaal (Fast healing, +life, +custom summons and +damage)
  • Morgaroth (Fast healing, +life and +damage)
  • Ferumbras Tower (Extreme fast healing, +life, +summons, +damage and new spell)
  • Ferumbras Revenge (Extreme fast healing, +life, +summons, +damage and new smart spells)
  • Ghazbaran (Fast healing, +life and +damage)
  • Gaz'Haragoth (+Life)
  • Omrafir (Fast healing and +life)
  • Zoralurk (Fast healing, +life, +damage and smart spells)
  • Chayenne (Fast healing, +Life and +damage)
Some limits
  • It is not possible to train magic level and recover soul points inside protection zone (pz)
  • You can only have 10.000 items in the inbox and 100 items in the reward chest
  • Chayenne's Magical Key breaks after used (Boss Chayenne appears in the Taleon every 3 months after the last appear).
How many unjustified frags can I take before begin punished?
There's no frags in the NON PVP system
Where do I sell my items and Where does Rashid spawn?
You can find Rashid at following cities at following day
  • On Mondays you can find him in Svargrond, in Dankwart's tavern, south of the temple.
  • On Tuesdays you can find him in Liberty Bay, in Lyonel's tavern, west of the depot.
  • On Wednesdays you can find him in Port Hope, in Clyde's tavern, north of the ship.
  • On Thursdays you can find him in Ankrahmun, in Arito's tavern, above the post office.
  • On Fridays you can find him in Darashia, in Miraia's tavern, south of the guildhalls.
  • On Saturdays you can find him in Edron, in Mirabell's tavern, above the depot.
  • On Sundays you can find him in Carlin depot, one floor above.
Rashid will pay 70% price without completed quest. You can complete the whole quest in one day (In RL you must do one mission per day of week).

Djinns trade only with the people they trust.
You have to complete either one Djinn War quest to trade with Djinns.
Alternatively you can trade with Nahelsar in Thais temple or Adventurer Island, who will buy all djinn accessory for 50% of the original price.

For creature products, you can find another travelling salesman Yasir.
Yasir however doesn't have an exact schedule like Rashid.
Yasir has 50% chance of appearing in the server save.
On most days, you can find him in Ankrahmun, Liberty Bay or Carlin.

Don't forget the marketplace ->.
How does shared experience bonus work?
You can enable party by right clicking on any player that you want to invite to a party.
After they join your party and if your levels are similar (difference is no more than 33% in either way)
You'll be able to enable a shared experience bonus. All party members must attack a monster once a while to keep the party active. Healing other members won't matter.

Sharing experience will give additional experience depending on the vocation count in the party
There is also a 10% extra bonus per member after 4 vocations in the party. Activating shared experience bonuses:
  • 1 vocation 20%
  • 2 vocations 30%
  • 3 vocations 60%
  • 4 vocations 100%
Use !partyinfo command to get to know useful information about your party and bonuses.
To prevent botters from abusing this system. Players follwing eachother won't have the party bonus enabled.
Health and Mana regeneration
Without promotion:
  • Sorcerers and Druids: 5 health: 12 seconds - 10 mana: 3 seconds.
  • Paladins: 5 health: 8 seconds - 8 mana: 3 seconds.
  • Knights: 5 health and 6 - 5 mana: 3 seconds.
With promotion. Promotion also reduces death penalty by 30%
  • Sorcerers and Druids: 5 health: 12 seconds - 10 mana: 2 seconds.
  • Paladins: 5 health: 6 seconds - 10 mana: 3 seconds.
  • Knights: 5 health: 4 seconds - 5 mana: 3 seconds.
The rate vs RL is 5x.
How to access Adventurer's Guild and what is it?
Simply open your locker inside any depot and click on the green stone inside it.
When leaving the guild you will be teleported back to the depot you came from.
You can access also there, the "normal" way by asking any temple NPC for the stone and using it.

We could call Adventurer's guild as the centre of event activities on Taleon.
At the guild, you can find
  • Reward chest container
  • Gambler NPC's - Dicers
  • NPC Veradin (Crown Tokens Shop)
  • Entrance to active events
  • Imbuing Shrine
  • NPC Runted (Bounty Hunted System)
  • NPCs: Charos, Nahelsar, Jorge
  • Offline Training Statues
Do I receive any equipment when advancing levels?
  • Yes, the items that you will get will depend on your vocation and level.

  • Sorcerers:
    • Level 20: Wand of decay and 20 mana potions
    • Level 40: Wand of cosmic energy and 40 mana potions
    • Level 20: Necrotic rod and 20 mana potions
    • Level 40: Terra rod and 40 mana potions
    • Level 20: 400 sniper arrows, belted cape and legs.
    • Level 40: 280 onyx arrows and elvish bow
    • Level 20: 25 health potions, 20 mana potions, dwarven shield, plate armor and legs.
    • Level 40: Based on your highest skill, you will also receive either: A wyvern fang, a knight axe or a dragon hammer and guardian shield.
    Yes, you will be rewarded with money at these three milestones:
    • Level 30: 1 crystal coins
    • Level 60: 2 crystal coins
    • Level 90: 3 crystal coins
    The money will be deposited to your bank.

    Starting at level 20 you will gain 5 crown crown tokens at each new level.
    Is there death protection for low levels ...?

    Adventurer's blessing

    Players under the level 40 are protected by 'adventurer's blessing', and will not lose any equipment.
    Upon reaching level 40, adventurer's blessing will be disabled and the player will be notified about it. The player will also receive all five blessings and Twist of Fate.

    You can purchase all 5 blessings, at once from every major city temple priest or monk.
    Twist of Fate, aka PvP blessing, is not included but you can purchase this blessing at the same npcs whom you buy blessings from. The price of blessings depends on your level.

    How do I buy a house?
    Navigate under house pages, find a suitable house and bid on it.
    If you win the bid, the house is yours.
    If you're looking to purchase a house that already has an owner on it, you will have to contact that person.

    Check more info at houses FAQ.
    Where can I find trainers?
    You can find offline trainers in almost every major city.

    Click on a training statue and select a skill to train.
    Your character will start training after 10 minutes of begin offline.

    You can find the exact places here.
    Ultimate Potions?
    Yes, ultimates lvl 130 and supremes lvl 200

    • Great Mana Potion (sorcerers and druids) - lvl 80
    • Ultimate Health Potion (knights) - lvl 130
    • Great Spirit Potion (paladins) - lvl 80
    What is the death loss rate?
    We use the formulas described here: Wikia.
    There is also reductions in special cases:
    • Unfair Fight Reduction which can reach 80% of reduction on Guild War PvP deaths.
    General Features
    There's no custom pvp in NON PVP system.
    What is the reward chest system?
    Reward Chest System:

    When one of the following bosses is killed, the loot will appear inside a reward container.
    Everybody who has partipicated in killing the boss will be rewarded accordingly.
    The more damage you deal on the boss, Damage taken from boss or heal allies in the fight higher your score will be.
    The best items are given to players with high score.
    The item will be added to the reward chest and will disappear in 7 days.
    The chest itself can be found at adventurer's guild.

    Bosses with reward chest: Show
    • Ferumbras
    • Gaz'haragoth
    • Jaul
    • Mad Mage
    • Mawhawk
    • Obujos
    • Ocyakao
    • Raging Mage
    • Tanjis
    • The Welter
    • Tyrn
    • Zulazza The Corruptor
    • Chizzoron The Distorter
    • Zushuka
    • Furyosa
    • Orshabaal
    • Ghazbaran
    • Morgaroth
    • Hirintror
    • The Pale Count
    • Shlorg
    • White Pale
    • Omrafir
    How to report do I report bugs?
    Simply, right click and choose "report coordinate" or by presssing ctrl+z and describe the bug the best you can.

    For reporting major game-breaking bugs, you will be rewarded.
    What custom commands I can use?

    You can check guild commands here.

    Write !cmd or !commands to get a list of all commands with an explanation in the game.


    List of players online.


    Check your current rates.


    Check the amount of crown tokens you have.


    Check the amount of achievement points you have. You can also see your current achievement rank and the next.


    Leave the house you own. You have to be inside the house. In the following server save the house will be empty and available for an auction.


    This will cancel the command !leavehouse.

    !sellhouse charname

    Trade your house with charname. You have to be inside the house and the player must be online and must be wthinin 3 sqms distance.


    Check available quest bonuses!


    Configure your own settings!


    Start broadcasting and !stopcast to stop. You can use !cast <\password\> to start a cast protected with a password.


    Use this command to see the lasted 5 changelogs (news).


    Use this command to check the party shared bonus and other stuff related to parties.


    Check your kills/frags timer.

    !deathlist charname

    Show charname's death list.

    Prey System

    Players who reached the mainland can right-click on their character (or use the hotkey Ctrl + Y) and choose "prey system" from a context menu. This opens a window as shown in the screenshots further down this page. There are three prey slots:

    • You have 2 unlocked prey slot by default
    • The third slot is a Permanent Prey Slot and can be bought in the Store.


    From each of the prey slots you can choose one creature out of 9 creatures. These 9 creatures are randomly selected from a large pool of creatures, but there will always be 3 low-level creatures, 3 mid-level creatures and 3 high-level creatures. You can not repeat creature in the lists.

    If you don't want to hunt any of the 9 creatures presented to you, you have several options:

    • Wait 20 hours for a free creature list reroll, which counts for each prey slot;
    • Buy extra list rerolls with gold coins if needed, the price depending on your level.

    After you selected a creature and a bonus, a timer will run for 2 hours when hunting any creature, not just the one you selected to hunt. When the 2 hours are over the creature your selected will vanish from the prey slot and you can select another one.


    The moment you select a creature you receive a bonus with it. The bonuses are:

    • Player damage boost of 7% - 25% (steps of 2%);
    • Creature damage reduction of 12% - 30% (steps of 2%);
    • Bonus experience 13% - 40% of (steps of 3%);
    • Improved loot 13% - 40% of (steps of 3%).

    If you don't like the bonus you received you can do one of the following:

    • Buy a Prey Bonus Reroll in the Store with Taleon Coins.
    • Hunt the creature with the bonus anyways for 2 hours and hope for better luck next time.

    Each bonus has 10 steps and a reroll will always improve your current step (up to the maximum) and may change your bonus type. If you are already at step 10 the bonus type is guaranteed to change with a reroll.

    The improved loot bonus works in the following manner. If you have an improved loot bonus with an effect of 15% this means there is a 15% chance that the monster will have another set of loot generated, basically it will behave as if you killed the monster twice.

    When the time expires everything will be reset.
    Our rookgaard has all the classic quests and addon quests.
    We also have a custom sword of fury quest.

    Rookgaard players have access to few better equipments.
    There is a custom spell in rook for healing: exura dis
    There is a custom spell in rook for attacking (Level 60+): exevo dis flam hur

    You can also find below the rookgaard library the offline training statues and depot:

    Custom Quests
    We have a custom sword of fury quest in Rookgaard.
    In the future we will have more quests in the mainland mostly focusing high levels.
    Custom Raids
    We have the Ferumbras Revenge raid.
    Normally between 10 to 15 days after the Ferumbras was killed in the tower, he back to punish Thais and make the revenge against all people.
    Beware because he is back with more power and new spells. We will explain how to kill him and get the rewards.

    1- When Zoltan speaks about the evil presence of Ferumbras, the players have 15 minutes to organize to fight against Ferumbras.
    2- When 15 minutes passed, NPCs Zoltan, Gundralph, Eliza and Ursula create barriers of magic walls to protect the city. In this stage, Npc Zoltan will not be in Edron. After 30 seconds the Ferumbras will appear in the gates of Thais.
    3- Players must go to one of the NPCs (Zoltan, Gundralph, Eliza or Ursula) and say MANA to give mana points to the NPCs, so they can keep the barrier alive and the Ferumbras can't invade the city.
    4- If barrier down, the Ferumbras can invade the city and make the chaos! In this stage, many npcs will hide for fear of Ferumbras.
    5- The Ferumbras is immortal, somewhere there is a crystal of force that is the source of Ferumbras power. The crystal is super protected with defense mechanisms. Defeating the crystal is necessary to remove the immortality of Ferumbras and defeat him once and for all.
    6- Beware to defeat the crystal of force, the crystal have an elemental doom, if you see the message about an elemental doom, RUN TO SAVE YOUR LIFE!
    7- When the crystal of force loses 40% of life, the Ferumbras teleport from Thais to near of the crystal to protect it. If the crystal recuperate 60% of the life, the Ferumbras back to Thais again.
    8- When the crystal of force is near to die, the players must be kill it fast, otherwise the Ferumbras will teleport the crystal of force to a new safe place.
    9- When the players kill the crystal of force, the Feumbras lose your immortality, so the players can kill him to receive the rewards!

    Rewards for the world (for all players):
    • The creature's respawn time will be reduced by 30% for the next 3 days after the world quest is successful done.
    Individual Rewards:
    • Reward chest with gold and silver tokens (Ferumbras Hat has 10% of drop rate).
    • Achievement in case you have helped defeat Ferumbras directly.
    • Achievement if you helped defeat the nexus directly.
    • 10% xp of the level for helping to defeat the nexus.
    • If the barrier of Thais still up when the crystal of force be defeat, the players that helped the Npcs with mana will gain 5% xp of the level and an achievement.
    Our autoloot system is the same as the global.
    See our tutorial to understand how to use autoloot.

    We also have a spell that allow the player loot bodies in the area!

    • Name: Loot Box
    • Spell: exeta loot
    • Vocation: All
    • Type: Instant
    • Mana: 0
    • Cooldown: 2s
    • Effect: Loot all the bodies below and around the player, even in a stack.
    Quest Access


    Bigfoot Burden Quest (Warzones) complete like RL.
    The spikes is open but there is no task yet.


    There is no quest requirement to access yalahar.
    The Way to Yalahar Quest has been removed.
    Searoutes around Yalahar Quest has been removed (you don't need to give any item to the npc to travel to others towns).
    In Service of Yalahar Quest is needed to pass the gates.
    You need to complete the The Hidden City of Beregar Quest to obtain the firewalker boots.
    There is no quest requirement to access vengoth.


    There is no quest requirement to access farmine.
    New frontier Quest starts at the mission 9. You need it to obtain the achievement and the outfit.
    There is no requirement to start The Children Of Revolution Quest.
    You need The Children Of Revolution Quest complete to start The Wrath Of The Emperor Quest.
    Wrath Of The Emperor starts at the mission 4.
    The Spirit Will Get You Quest has been removed.
    Zalamon tasks has been removed (you don't need for them in quests).
    No need of the new frontier quest to use the magic carpet.
    No need of tomes to use the mountain teleports or buy/sell items with npc Esrik.


    There is no quest requirement to Quirefang.
    Currently there is no hive tasks and there is no world change in The Hive.
    There is no way to obtain the Deepling Outfits/Insectoid Outfits at the moment.
    Liquid Black Quest:
    The default world change state is 2.
    Players must give crates to start the stage 3. After a secret amount of crates are given by all players the stage will be actived in the next Server Save.
    Players only need to contribute with 10 boxes then they got the access to the world change and right to kill the bosses.
    Stage 3 is activated for 5 days, each day one random boss.
    Player looses the right to enter in the boss room if he give damage to the boss.
    player is only able to access the boss room one time per active stage.


    Horestis: All jars must be broken to summon Horestis. After the jars are broken the passage to his room will be open. Horestis will be only summon one time per Server save.

    Liberty Bay

    You need Eleonore to access Peg Leg (Meriana Island).
    You need Vooodomaster quest to pass the barrier in goroma to access the other islands (Ramoa, Talahu, Malada, Kharos).
    You need the Zoltan Spell to pass the barrier in the Ferumbras Tower.
    Meriana Quest has been removed and you have access to nargor and the pirate outfit.


    Barbarian Test Quest is needed to become a citizen.
    Barbarian Test Quest is needed to start Ice Islands Quest.
    Ice Islands Quest is needed to access the Formorgar Mines, dog sleds, achievements and norse outfit.
    Formorgar Mine Hoist Quest is needed inside the Formogar Mines.
    Krimhorn, Helheim, Tyrsung, Nibelor has free access without any quest.
    There is no quest requirement to be able to make the arenas.
    Player needs level 80 to be able to get the tinder box from the skeleton. You need to wait 20 hours to get a new tinder box.

    Port Hope

    You need to do The Ape City Quest to be able to access banuta -5.


    There is no world change in roshamuul.
    Mawhawk World Change works.
    You can open the window to setup few game settings with the command !settings
    The following settings are available:

    Always keep already opened backpacks open upon login
    Your opened backpacks will be saved when you logged out. A small feature really useful for warmode players in the private arenas.
    Auto Open NPC trade window upon greeting
    The trade window will be open when you greet (say hello/hi) to NPC. Its the same as saying "trade" to the npc.
    Auto step into your dug hole
    You will get down the hole that you open after you use the shovel.
    Spells Notifications
    You will receive a notification of new spells when you get a new level.
    Ability to exiva NPCs
    You will be able to exiva npcs. Example: exiva "rashid
    Exiva will look first for a player with that name then a npc.
    Other players are able to exiva you
    This configuration only works on non-pvp worlds. When turned on, another player is unable to use the exiva spell to find your location.
    Emote Spells to prevent spams
    If turned on, it will put the magic spell in orange color and it will not appear in local chat anymore.
    Display a warmode square on your guild members and allies
    Same as !warsquare. Set a green square to your allies and a golden square for you enemies.
    Soft boots
    Its possible to recharge your soft boots even its not totally worn out.
    General information about guilds
    • There is no level requirement to create a guild.
    • You can only participate in one guild per character.
    • Vice leaders can invite/kick members, change the member title or promote a member.
    • Only leaders can disband the guild or manage war declarations.
    • We got a custom guild wars system, more info here.
    Which is the commands available for guilds?
    The following commands are available for guild leaders and vice leaders:
    • !warcolor - set your outfit to all guild members around you (10 sqms).
    The following commands are available for all guild members:
    • !warsquare - set a green square to your allies and a golden square for you enemies.
    • !warcount - get the amount of allies around you (10 sqms)
    Which is the guild wars special features?
    You can find them at guild wars page.