Guild Information


Rank: Name: Level:
the Leader Kalil Trusz891 Elite Knight
a Vice-Leader Florzinhaa678 Royal Paladin
Mano Louis Druidao817 Elder Druid
Mano Moita621 Elite Knight
a Member Acerola Roxa512 Royal Paladin
Aleeh689 Elite Knight
AlounakOnline 278 Elite Knight
Anaksunamun353 Master Sorcerer
Baarus Leandro224 Elite Knight
Bantom623 Elder Druid
Barata Tanka451 Elite Knight
BellizzyOnline 583 Master Sorcerer
Benzilla254 Elite Knight
Biic290 Elder Druid
Black White221 Elder Druid
Brownie308 Royal Paladin
Budhanegro265 Elite Knight
Byroon373 Elder Druid
Cachorro336 Elder Druid
Calen Lifebringer229 Elder Druid
CapcostaOnline 519 Royal Paladin
Diamond Heart429 Elite Knight
Ellizabeth340 Elite Knight
Exori Ek272 Elite Knight
Fallk418 Master Sorcerer
FutakudaOnline 240 Elder Druid
Goianin471 Master Sorcerer
Gromash308 Elite Knight
Guiizim Strike317 Elite Knight
Holms347 Royal Paladin
Hootler266 Royal Paladin
Irob NevomOnline 272 Royal Paladin
Jaga509 Royal Paladin
Jumper Hood260 Royal Paladin
Juubiix565 Master Sorcerer
Kabu Mage305 Elder Druid
Kaelthas Sunstrider255 Master Sorcerer
Kiing Kebimsz423 Elder Druid
Kinazita358 Elite Knight
Knight Romero466 Elite Knight
KodiluOnline 292 Royal Paladin
Kynox751 Elite Knight
Lena539 Royal Paladin
Little Bunny474 Elder Druid
Lolly Lee405 Royal Paladin
Luch Aron256 Master Sorcerer
LukinhasOnline 278 Royal Paladin
Mano Duhzera777 Royal Paladin
Mano Leoh737 Master Sorcerer
Melquisedeque507 Elite Knight
Mephysth338 Royal Paladin
Midnight Senshi643 Elite Knight
Mispher243 Elite Knight
Moseley591 Elder Druid
Mr Carrot541 Elite Knight
Muballu442 Royal Paladin
MuskachaOnline 345 Elder Druid
Nasty Vinazeera308 Elite Knight
Natuzzi255 Royal Paladin
Niamh321 Royal Paladin
Nico Rose377 Royal Paladin
NiszczwciekOnline 304 Master Sorcerer
NyalithOnline 559 Elder Druid
Outlaw Wanted315 Elite Knight
Peidei Voce Cheirou396 Royal Paladin
Pekenno Royal418 Royal Paladin
Poeta SoipazOnline 587 Master Sorcerer
Porradao Mysterioso338 Master Sorcerer
Putos385 Royal Paladin
Rei Das Boquinha229 Elder Druid
Scadiiel272 Royal Paladin
Scallibur229 Royal Paladin
Shooter Saint Souls388 Royal Paladin
Siggax The Fighter409 Elite Knight
Skirmz280 Master Sorcerer
Soipaz Ms283 Master Sorcerer
Soleil346 Elite Knight
The Myth181 Elite Knight
Tiamut Celestial540 Elder Druid
Vinsmoke Reiju334 Elite Knight
VvziOnline 293 Elder Druid
WunderOnline 433 Elder Druid
Zaayah556 Elite Knight
Zakum274 Elite Knight
Zetec531 Elite Knight

Members Online 13 out of 85
Highest Level Kalil Trusz (891)
Average Level 407
Lowest Level The Myth (181)
Total Level 34636

This guild is currently not involved in a guild war.