Guild Information

The Survivors

Rank: Name: Level:
the Leader Kaliil TrusszOnline 824 Elite Knight
a Vice-Leader Alkern (Souj)1077 Elite Knight
SoujjkillOnline 1360 Elite Knight
a Member Artrenias521 Master Sorcerer
BeibeOnline 794 Royal Paladin
Bisor1106 Master Sorcerer
Boldin Surtado814 Royal Paladin
Bove243 Elite Knight
Boves583 Royal Paladin
Brachiochalka1377 Royal Paladin
CalabresoOnline 280 Master Sorcerer
Daddy JuanzinOnline 449 Elite Knight
Dine Abu600 Elder Druid
Dormuul525 Elite Knight
Dralys470 Elite Knight
Ezra850 Elite Knight
FlorzinhazOnline 1311 Royal Paladin
Fri Zii1488 Elder Druid
Guinaum CalabresoOnline 261 Elite Knight
GustasOnline 715 Royal Paladin
Hurd1131 Royal Paladin
Indignado855 Royal Paladin
JhoowszOnline 1162 Royal Paladin
Knight Executor (Maozinha)517 Elite Knight
Kong Abu612 Elite Knight
Last Joker1148 Royal Paladin
Laveas MaosOnline 577 Royal Paladin
Lost Aposentado1155 Elite Knight
Maldito Seja673 Elite Knight
Mitei1457 Elder Druid
Navegante Da Ilusao992 Royal Paladin
Newedd InevitavelOnline 650 Elder Druid
NoturnoOnline 1070 Elite Knight
Pakiteraah EkOnline 999 Elite Knight
Pepino Sauroo1429 Royal Paladin
Psy Cadello1165 Royal Paladin
Viperys517 Elite Knight

No invitations.

Members Online 13 out of 37
Highest Level Fri Zii (1488)
Average Level 858
Lowest Level Bove (243)
Total Level 31757

This guild is currently not involved in a guild war.