Guild Information

Brothers Of Chimera

Guild Br Neutra jogamos por diversão (Usamos Discord)

Rank: Name: Level:
the Leader Big Shield308 Elite Knight
a Vice-Leader Pirata Luffy149 Elite Knight
Toskko228 Royal Paladin
a Member Blastoiz220 Elder Druid
Flechudo174 Royal Paladin
Knightter231 Elite Knight
Lord Zezal152 Royal Paladin
Lord Zezesco193 Master Sorcerer
Mc Kraken169 Elder Druid
Nashiier262 Elite Knight
Saldanha Sano160 Elite Knight
Serena Whitewalker333 Royal Paladin
Tekydo256 Elite Knight

No invitations.

Members Online 0 out of 13
Highest Level Serena Whitewalker (333)
Average Level 218
Lowest Level Pirata Luffy (149)
Total Level 2835

This guild is currently not involved in a guild war.